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IT Services

At IT Surrey, we offer a range of services for both home and business, here are a list of services and how they can help you.


We provide a managed and monitored Anti-Virus solution for all users, we know that the internet is riddled with virus's and malware. With this product, you won't have to hope that your Anti-Virus software is doing its job correctly, we will monitor and manage the Anti-Virus software remotely 24/7, meaning that you can relax in the knowledge that we are keeping an eye on things for you, ready to remove any potential threat that is found and running regular scheduled security scans.


As with the Anti-Virus product this will protect you against virus's and malware, this product is updated with the latest malware databases possible meaning less chance of malicious activity. This also works as Anti-Ransomware meaning it will block malicious products from taking control of your computer.

Remote Monitoring & Remote Management

We can monitor your computer remotely for errors, hardware faults, Windows Security Updates, third party software updates, security breaches and much more. With this service also comes management of your computer and the ability to connect remotely.

Cloud Backups

We can provide you with cloud based backups for any data, all we need to know is what amount of data you have (we can check this for you). Once we have confirmed this we can then provide you with a price which will include the cloud storage for your data, the configuration of the data sync or backup from your home or office and the continual monitoring of your backups so we can advise you if there are any failures.

Domain Management

We can help you with purchasing your own domain name (e.g., we will purchase and configuring the domain for you then assist managing this over the future years, we will also help by pointing you in the right direction from here so you know what steps to take next (or even do them for you).

Hosted Email

We can provide you with your own email system with as many email addresses as you require, this service will be supplied by Microsoft. We will monitor and manage the system for you, making any changes or new configurations that you require.

Web Hosting, Web Design & Management

We can provide you with a hosted platform to store your website on, we will manage this for you and make any changes required. We can also help you to get your website designed and published ready for the world to see.

Cloud Based Phone Systems

We can provide you with a cloud based phone system, this will mean you won't need a phone line or any equipment in your office other than a phone and an internet connection. We will create any phone numbers you require and configure the phone for you ready to go, if you require any diverts or forwards to be put in place we will be managing that also, along with any groups you would like creating (e.g. Finance, Sales, Customer Service).