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IT Support

At IT Surrey, we offer a range of services and support for both home and business.

Home Support

  • Onsite & remote support
  • PC and laptop check-up, including Mac's
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Upgrades and recommendations to improve the speed and stability of your computer
  • Troubleshooting of all software and hardware problems
  • New computer setup and data transfer

Business Support

  • Onsite & remote support
  • Workstation support, upgrades and recommendations
  • Network configuration and installation
  • Server configuration and installation
  • Centralisation of company data using a network storage device
  • Backup and antivirus/antimalware implementation
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery recommendation and implementation

Business support is also available in block time
please call us on 01932 232 708 for more information.

Other services

These are services that home and business customers will benefit from.


  • We can configure and install your entire CCTV system including cabling and fitting
  • Have peace of mind in knowing that your home or business has a CCTV system
  • Connect from anywhere in the world to view your camera's live
  • Ensure that even if equipment is stolen it has been copied to a secure storage area in the cloud

Network Attached Storage

  • We can install and configure a device on your network which will be accessible by any device in your home or business
  • Store all documents, pictures, music and videos on this device
  • Access this device using your computer, TV, Mobile phone/tablet & audio system (e.g. Sonos)
  • Use this device as a media server for music, pictures and videos
  • Create backups from here of any or all data stored on this device
  • Give specific access to individuals if required


  • We can configure Sonos equipment
  • Setup your music streaming services
  • Create a music library with existing music
  • Configure existing speakers to work with the Sonos system

Smart Home

  • We can install a range of Smart Home equipment from lighting and audio equipment to heating, alarms, CCTV and much more
  • Configure your home with voice activated control over any Smart Home equipment, for as many rooms as you would like
  • Adapt existing (non Smart Home) devices and appliances to work with the Smart Home system

Wired Network

  • We can run network cables from and to any location, we will fit the correct connectors or wall sockets where suitable
  • Test all network cable runs to ensure we leave you with the best connection possible
  • Hide cables so you won’t see them in your home or office

Wi-Fi Network

  • We configure and install Wireless networks using tried and tested enterprise grade equipment
  • Guaranteed to improve your Wi-Fi where possible (no unnecessary equipment will be provided)
  • Wi-Fi networks we install are remotely monitored 24/7 to check for potential problems
  • All equipment will be connected directly to your internet router to provide the fastest possible connection
  • Wired cables will be run and hidden from sight where necessary